Thank You and Welcome!

Hello, thank you and welcome to my website -- Jane Ryan & Associates, LLC. 

If you are reading this, you are either an individual ready to invest in your personal growth or you are here on behalf of an organization ready to invest in its people. In either case, this is fantastic! Congratulations you are one step closer to achieving optimal success in life or business or both! 

As an individual whether you want to create a more meaningful career or life, desire greater clarity of your vision or goals, or you have found yourself "stuck" and can't think of what else you could do to move forward----engaging with a qualified coach can exponentially increase not only the time it takes for you to get there but also your ability to sustain the changes needed to achieve optimal success in your life and your work. 

If you are here on behalf of your organization whether there is a need for executive coaching, leadership development, or broader organizational talent related growth----retaining a qualified coach is a critical aspect of all organizations and is one that can make the greatest impact on achieving optimal performance (financial and human) and business success. 

Coaching focuses on specific ways of learning for individuals, groups and organizations. Life flows with every breath we take, step we make and thoughts we think. We live in the age of technology moving at light speed changing the way we feel, behave, endure and succeed in life and at work. Redefining life's priorities and maintaining integrity, values and purpose can be challenging. Building strong bench strength is paramount to compete in today's business environment. So, how can we adapt, change, transform, and improve ourselves to live out our "true self"? How do we find time and energy to deal with life and work demands? We struggle to fulfill the responsibilities of our home lives and our work lives and are too busy and too stressed to stop, breathe and think for a moment before we speak or take action. Moving forward one cognitive capacity that continues to grow within each of us is what Daniel Goleman (2013) calls "crystallized intelligence"; recognizing what matters. This is also, referred to as "wisdom". By focusing on what matters we can begin to prioritize. We learn by our experiences and we achieve personal and professional growth by first understanding where we are today and where we want/need to be in the future. Then closing this gap, identifying milestones to reach; then "sticking to a plan of action" to achieve such identified vision or goals. Your emotional intelligence (EQi) is the key to unlock your greatest potential (as an individual or an organization). Strong EQi opens doors of opportunity (see my blogs for more on this). Strong EQi enables one's "flow"--athletes call this "being in the zone" and psychologists call this "flow/the achievement of peak performance". It's when we are at our best without strain or anxiety. It is when we have both strength and ease. This ability is what helps us do more than merely survive --with this ability we can "Thrive" in today's ever changing and demanding world we are blessed to live in!

As your coach, I help you achieve your vision/goals/dreams successfully!

Jane Ryan & Associates LLC is a woman owned business consisting of myself and a network of other amazing expert coaches who have learned my coaching methodology and are certified in my EQi-360© techniques to strengthen your emotional intelligence. Together we are helping individuals and organizations achieve optimal performance and successes in life, in careers, and in business! Isn't it time you invested in yourself/employees? Contact me today about how coaching can help you achieve your vision/your goals!