Coaching Programs for Individuals

Coach Jane's coaching methodology provides her clients with the ability to identify and develop their life and career vision/goals and the skills they need to achieve their vision and those goals in a very focused and measurable coaching process. Every milestone is identified and achieved. Preparing you with a tactical plan to achieve your dreams! Tapping my vast network of professional leaders and other influencers to help you network your way through career transition, get interviews and ultimately help you land in the best fit career. More details are provided herein/below on these coaching programs. 

Coaching Programs for Organizations

In today's competitive business environment, one must hone multiple intelligences (especially strengthening emotional intelligence) as well as, possess a strong ability to think critically and creatively and communicate effectively. Coach Jane's organizational coaching programs begin with the companies "emotional intelligence". An organization's culture is cultivated by each employee's emotional intelligence. Therefore, strengthening or changing an organization's culture begins with it's people and their human soft skill development. Group and individual employee(s) programs are custom designed to specifically address most critical behavioral and competency needs at every level within the organization i.e., leadership, executives, salaried and hourly employees.

Request More Information and/or Schedule a Call with Coach Jane. Call or text her cell: 214-500-7223 to Schedule a no-cost conversation with Coach Jane for professional and insightful advice. If you need more in-depth and specific coaching solutions, schedule a call to learn more about the coaching programs available to you and/or your organization.

Whether you clearly understand emotional intelligence and simply want to strengthen yours to communicate more effectively; or 

*Build rapport and trust with others

*Want/need to build stronger EQ to bring more value to your life, career or relationships

*Seek to improve and develop your leadership

*Explore the future of technology and the workforce of the future and better understand it's impact on you, your company, your employees, your competitive, etc.

*Need executive coaching to drive career and business success

*Seek career or life transformation; or

*Need career collateral, branding, resume and LinkedIn services

Coach Jane has a coaching program to measurably meet your needs.

I would love the opportunity to help you learn, grow and win in life/career transformation; to achieve optimal success; and help you rebuild your life/career in the most meaningful and measurable way!

My passion is helping other's find theirs!

Coach Jane

10% of all paid coaching assignments goes towards "paying it forward" and providing pro bono coaching and workshops to women and men who not only have lost their jobs, but many their homes and resources to return to a life where they can once again thrive. I personally want to help as many people as I can get back on their feet and back into a thriving new life and career! 

"Leadership Team" / "Leadership Emotional Quotient" Coaching

  • Understand Organizational Needs and Individual Leadership Strengths
  • Assess Leadership Strengths, Personality, and Emotional Intelligence
  • Tailor Coaching, Advice and Guidance Rather Than “One Size Fits All”
  • Identification of Goals and Objectives
  • Gap Analysis Performed
  • Build a Transformational Plan to Measurably Achieve Goals
  • Soft Skills (Interpersonal Skills) Development for greater Collaboration, Resilience, and Innovation
  • Eliminate Overlap of Competencies to Effectively Leverage Strengths of Overall Team
  • Build Succession Plans that Truly Leverage Team Strengths and Build Sustainable High Performing Synergies

Futurist Executive Coaching

In today's rapidly changing world due to the advances in technology, it is critical to look further into the future at the possibilities of what is yet to come during your executive career and it's sustainability beyond your career. Coach Jane specializes in challenging your thinking so that you are prepared to embrace new emerging technologies as well as the possibilities of future technology and the impact upon you, your position, your organization, your employees, your customers, end-users, your vendors, your competitors, etc. 

Emotional Intelligence is a core competency found to be imperative in one's ability to innovate, embrace and drive new technology successfully in your organization. Whether it is today's new technologies i.e., Digital, AI, AR, Robotics, Machine Learning, BOTS, FinTech, BitCoin, or a plethora of others emerging and yet to come, looking further into the future needs to be part of your overall strategy to leverage and drive sustainable business success to benefit not only your organization but the world we live in and are responsible for sustaining. 

  • Assess Leadership Strengths, Personality, and Emotional Intelligence Needed To Embrace The Future
  • Tailor Coaching, Advice and Guidance Rather Than “One Size Fits All”
  • Identification of Goals, Objectives (including behavioral change) and Gap Analysis Performed
  • Soft Skills (Interpersonal Skills) and Positive Behavioral Competency Development
  • Build a Transformational Plan to Measurably Achieve Goals
  • Strengthen EQi, Resilience and Strategic Thinking Skills & Outcomes

"A study [of coaching] shows an average return on investment of 7.9 times the initial investment (788% ROI) in a typical coaching assignment, or a return of more than $100,000." Source: Manchester, Inc. Survey Results.

Organizational Psychology and Talent Development Coaching

  • Identifying the EQi of Your Organization
  • High Potential Identification and Development Coaching
  • Succession Plan Leveraging Strengths Based Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence & Behavioral Change Coaching
  • Mindfulness Application and Practice for Greater Focus and Productivity
  • Creating Positive Social and Cultural Change Coaching
  • Cross-Departmental Communication, Collaboration and Productivity Coaching
  • Gender Equality and Multigenerational Development Coaching
  • Team Group Coaching
  • Knowledge Transfer Coaching
  • Empathetic (EQi) Sales Coaching
  • Soft Skills (Interpersonal Skills) Development
  • Behavioral Interview Coaching
  • Performance Management and Self-Motivated, Self-Directed Performance Coaching
  • Business Development and Strategic Account Sales Training and Coaching
  • Strategic Account Plan Coaching for "At Risk" Clients and to Retain and Expand Clients
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Center Sales Training
  • Customized Learning and Development Group Coaching Workshops and Curriculums
  • Conflict Prevention, Diffusion and Resolution and Anger Management Coaching
  • Ethics and Compliance Coaching

One more important note to make is the importance of assessing your team's readiness for new technology application and assessing the emotional intelligence of your team's current competencies needed to drive business performance. There are several testing instruments for consideration. For example, two I recommend are the "The Global Leadership Foundation's Global Emotional Intelligence Test - GEIT, uses 40 questions which are derived from, the Global EI Capability Assessment instrument, which contains 158 items. These are based on Goleman's four quadrant Emotional Intelligence Competency Model (2002)" (GEIT 2019)" and "SEI The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) is the complete solution for EQ measurement and development. This suite of well validated, effective tests measure EQ and equip people with a framework for putting emotional intelligence into action. SEI is used in over 150 countries for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs in orgs from FedEx to Qatar Airways to the U.N. SEI is best-in-class because of the blend of robust psychometrics, real-world practicality for a wide range of needs, and global relevance.

SEI: Self-Assess the eight EQ competencies that drive people-performance in a context of key performance outcomes (effectiveness, relationships, wellbeing, quality of life). What is your level of emotional intelligence? Where are your strengths and how do you apply them? What weaknesses are blocking your people-performance and how do you develop?" ( 2019). 

Source: 2019 "SEI Emotional Intelligence tools, retrieved from:"

The Global Leadership 2019 "Global Emotional Intelligence Test, retrieved from:"

Leadership & Professional Development Coaching

Request more information for pricing of different programs.

  • EQi-360 Degree Assessments, Feedback and Development Plan
  • How to Assess and Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Mindfulness Application & Practice
  • Leading with Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Strategic and Innovative Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Soft Skills (Interpersonal Skills) Development
  • Presenting
  • Relationship Building
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Experiential Team & Trust Building
  • Talent Cultivation and Management
  • Performance Excellence and Servant Leadership
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Reflective Journaling for Self-Motivated, Self-Directed Continuous Improvement
  • Enhanced performance through knowledge and applied techniques in skill building with real-time coaching opportunities to critique applied skill building in progress in the workplace with immediate feedback. The core components of a leadership development program focus on emotional intelligence, critical and creative thinking, professional communication, servant leadership, and project/team leadership and management.

Your Emotional Intelligence

Your Leadership

Your Career

Your First 100 Days OnBoard EQi-360™

Coaching Program for Career Success!

Your First 100 Days Onboard EQi-360™ Coaching Program

Okay, You’re Hired—Awesome and Well Done—Congratulations!

Now, just when you thought you were ready for some smooth sailing into your new career, you realize you have yet another milestone to achieve. “Your first 100 days!” The first 100 days of anyone’s career are critical, especially for senior-level professionals. This is your moment in time to make your mark—-to make a great first and second and third impression. It is your time to set the tone and pace of your leadership value and to make a positive, strong impression that will catapult your career success forward! So, how can you do this? Your “First 100 Days-EQi-360” is a great tool that helps you plan, build, and positively focus on what is most important now that you are hired and onboard. It helps you put your plan into action. So, “How do I do this? How do I differentiate myself? How do I make a positive lasting first impression?”

Let’s begin. Here’s what we will cover and what you will learn:

Session 1: Authentic Self Discovery and how to leverage and prepare for Your First 90-days.

Session 2: Your first 30-days on the job—What is most important? Why and How…?

Session 3: Working the Plan, Addressing Challenges, Navigating and Handling "People, Personalities, & Politics" Challenges.

Session 4: Working the Plan, Addressing Challenges, Navigating and Handling Challenges.

Session 5: Your first 60-days on the job——What is most important? Why and How…?

Session 6: Working the Plan, Addressing Challenges, Navigating and Handling Challenges.

Session 7: Working the Plan, Addressing Challenges, Navigating and Handling Challenges.

Session 8: Your first 90-days on the job——What is most important? Why and How to launch your career success?

Session 10: Working the Plan, Addressing Challenges, Navigating and Handling Challenges.

Session 11: Working the Plan, Addressing Challenges, Navigating and Handling Challenges.

Session 12: Your first 100-days on the job--What is most important? How do you keep the momentum for career success?

What Will You Learn and Accomplish During Our Coaching Engagement?

  • Upon completion, you will build, learn, navigate and overcome the hidden challenges of people, personalities and positions as you launch “Your 30-60-90-100 Day Plan in real-time that sets your career off in a positive direction and into an amazing future.
  • You will build and/or fine-tune the reason you were hired and your value proposition.
  • You will build your organizational relationship matrix where you identify people, personalities, politics, and how to align and build rapport with those you are directly working with on a daily basis and beyond, beginning with your boss and navigate obstacles.
  • You will plan and build focused strategies and gain intrinsic direction from the beginning that will strengthen your value proposition within the organization.
  • You will learn how to build decision networks within your department and organization and navigate the political minefields.
  • You will build stronger emotional intelligence and set the bar for your future leadership strength and impact within the organization.
  • You will build new and trusted relationships you can carry into your future.
  • You will learn ways to deal with personalities, conflict, and "HOW" to positively navigate through them. 

How Are The Coaching Sessions Structured?

  • This coaching program is designed for weekly coaching sessions during your first 90-120 days (3-4 months). Each coaching session has specific dates, times and duration based on metrics set out in session 1.

Your Month-to-Month Executive Career, Life & Leadership Transformation Coaching Program. 

This program is custom designed for you based on our discussion about your career, life, or leadership needs. Below outlines a high level example of how the coaching program works. All coaching provides measurable deliverables based on your priorities and needs and continues to be addressed throughout coaching process. The goals we set out to achieve each month “will be achieved.” This provides you the greatest ROI of the investment you are making in your future life/career. This coaching program is designed as a month-to-month program and includes 4 full metrics-driven coaching sessions as well as fairly consistent and as needed conversations via email or text or when necessary via phone in between sessions each month if needed. Respectful of both parties, if there is an immediate need, crisis or pressing issue—you can text me and I will respond within 24 hours or less. Coaching sessions are not by the hour; they are by the session/month objectives. Therefore, sessions can run between 1.5-2.0 hours or sometimes more (especially the first session when we go over assessment results and build our plan and set metrics. This could run more like 2-3 hours.)

Executive Career & Life Transformation Coaching Program

Content & Descriptions

Your First-Month Professional Career/Life/Leadership Coaching Program includes but is not limited to:

EQi-360™ -- a Proprietary Blend of Three Self-Discovery Assessments, Analysis, Results, and Goal Setting Combined to Reveal Your "Authentic Self" as we begin reassessing, reinventing, and redirecting your career/life transformation and positioning you for success! Determining which assessment tools are best depends on the organization, the job, and the person hired. I pull from a plethora of assessment tools to select the ones that will provide the information that is needed most. Here are a few that I use routinely that when combined provide authentic results as well:

1. Personality Assessment—Based on the Big 5 Personality Traits (free online)

16 Personalities

2. Talents/Strengths and Leadership Qualities

Strengths-Based Leadership a Strength Finders 2.0 leadership version- (talents/strengths). 

3. Emotional Intelligence Assessment*

Global Leadership Foundation (free online)

Weekly Coaching Sessions are held virtually via Zoom each month. Additional time on my part is spent preparing for each coaching session, customizing notes, follow-up and reporting as needed and providing unlimited texting and email communication throughout.

EQi-360™ assessment results—after completion of assessments, I analyze them and create your profile.

    • The first coaching session is spent going over the assessment results comprehensively and building out our coaching plan together and finalizing goals to achieve in the first 4 sessions.
    • Coaching on your EQi and understanding the critical importance of EQi and the importance of strengthening your EQi competencies for your career, life & leadership transformation and successes takes place continuously throughout our time together.
    • Learning what EQi competencies need to be strengthened to achieve career, life & leadership goals and learning specific techniques to apply and then the continued application of these techniques throughout coaching and post-coaching to continuously self improve and achieve optimal career, life & leadership successes. This takes authenticity, discipline, patience, and a commitment to changing negative behaviors”.
    • Identification of “Ideal”/”Best Trajectory” Career, Life and Leadership Transformation Short-Term and Long-Term Goals and Vision Coaching is part of this identification.
    • S.W.O.T.
      • Identifying your Targeted Industries, Companies, Jobs, People…
      • Coach leverages extensive network to make introductions within Target companies as well as others of career transformation network importance
    • Trajectory Transformational Action Plans (TTAP) for “focus and accountability”
    • Gap Analysis
    • Closing the Gap
    • Milestones / Metrics
    • Collateral -- Building and/or fine-tuning your “Collateral” i.e., your brand, resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, professional brief, business cards, (whatever is needed).
    • Finding “fit” for next career and learning how to “effectively” apply to a job and modify your Resume
    • Building Your Brand
    • Aligning and Revamping/Building Your LinkedIn (a LinkedIn Makeover)
    • Interviewing Techniques that Win and roll play if needed!
    • Weekly Accountability Coaching provided throughout each month’s coaching.
    • Real-Time Coaching on specific interactions with others that need course correction.
    • Coaching on TTAP Action Plans and Accountability Coaching to Achieve Objectives
    • Introduction to the proven evidence-based 10 Techniques to Strengthen Your Emotional Intelligence with specific focus on identified areas for development techniques based on assessment outcomes.

Remember: You have the opportunity to continue your career, life & leadership transformational coaching on a “month-to-month” coaching program basis—just let me know a week before our first month ends if you wish to continue another month. It is important to note that life and emotional intelligence transformation (changes) are not competencies that can be mastered in one month of coaching. However, the first month is a strong indicator of how long it will take to achieve identified transformational goals. Most often old behaviors will need to be addressed and changed so that new behaviors can replace the old one to achieve life goals. From experience, planning on 3 months of coaching will provide a solid baseline for you to work from. Thereafter, you may only need to have a session with me twice a month (this usually begins after month 3) to “stay the course” and continue to hone your new life/emotional intelligence skills. Unless there are other areas identified that could take longer. Everyone is different and therefore my coaching is dynamic in design to specifically address my client’s goals and milestones needed to measure in order to get there. Also, since one’s emotional intelligence (EQi) is key to life transformation, we spend significant time working on strengthening your EQi competencies and building new ones to compete and succeed in your life and career. Life and careers go hand-in-hand and both need to be in balance in order for both to work. One cannot work without the other.

This Unique EQi-360 Career Coaching Program is Psychologically-Evidence-Based and Designed Around Emotional Intelligence, a highly researched and applied framework for developing critical skills for personal and professional success. Studies indicate that individuals with high EQi are typically the highest performers in their organizations, are more optimistic, handle stress more effectively, and, importantly, have a better relationship with themselves (self-regard) and others. Studies also show that high EQi is critical to becoming a credible and strong leader and mentor of others.

Romans 12:6-8

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.”

Your Career/Work and Your Life Balance Coaching  

  • Assessments of strengths, personality, emotional intelligence and areas for development
  • Tailored coaching, advice and guidance rather than “one size fits all”
  • Identification of Goals, Objectives and Gap Analysis then Building a Career/Work and Life Balance and Transformational Plan to Achieve
  • Emotional Intelligence to Align and Build Rapport and Trust
  • Effective Communications – Learn and Apply EQi Techniques to Strengthen EQi and Communicate to Unleash the Power of Your Words and Body Language
  • Critical and Creative Thinking for Strategic and Innovative Applications
  • Resume as a Marketing Tool – Getting Noticed
  • Focus on Your Intention to Gain Attention with Daily Mindfulness
  • Personal Branding and Presence and Style (online and offline)
  • Presenting with Intention to Gain Attention
  • Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
  • How to build effective career transition collateral (Resume, Branding, LinkedIn Profile, Professional Biography Brief, Business Cards, Professional Photo)
  • Taking Yourself to Market – Targeting Prospective Employers or Choosing Self-Employment or Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Networking is Building Relationships -- Learn How to Maximize Your Network
  • Leveraging Social Media
  • Learn How to "Effectively" Apply to A Job and Find Great "Fit"
  • Interviewing and Negotiating in Business
  • Leverage Strengths and Communicating Accomplishments to Differentiate
  • Dress for Success and Creating a Professional and Positive Image
  • Weekly Reflective Journaling for Self-Motivated, Self-Directed Continuous Improvemen

Overcome Anxiety, Improve Self-Esteem and Create Positivity in Your Life and/or Work Coaching Programs

  • Assessments of strengths, personality, emotional intelligence and areas for development
  • Tailored coaching, advice and guidance vs. counseling therapy
  • Identification of Personal/Behavioral Goals, Objectives and Gap Analysis then Building a Transformational Plan to Achieve
  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence to Create Positivity in Your Life and/or Work

Relationship Building Coaching Programs

  • Building relationships is a critical EQi competency every human being must have in order to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. It begins with our innate psychological and physiological makeup. Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs. This is a theory of human motivation and describes the human stages of development and "needs" explained in a visual pyramid where Maslow begins with the most basic needs found at the bottom of the pyramid and he uses the terms "physiological", "safety", "belonging and love", "esteem", "self-actualization", and "self-transcendence" to describe the pattern that human motivations generally move through. The goal of Maslow's Theory is to attain the sixth level or stage: self actualization needs. Maslow also coined the term "metamotivation" to describe the motivation of people who go beyond the scope of the basic needs and strive for constant betterment and continual self-improvement. Those who strive for over achievement and push their comfort zones to achieve the "best possible version of self".
  • Building relationships is also a critical competency found within the "wild world of work" because whether you are a sales person or an individual contributor we must all have the ability to quickly build rapport, trust and ultimately meaningful relationships in order to a) get work done, and b) done well.
  • This coaching program begins with assessments of strengths, personality, emotional intelligence, and identification of areas for development
  • Customized coaching to address your unique individual needs and reasons for wanting/needing relationship-building coaching; and/or
  • Tailored coaching, advice, and guidance before, during, or in lieu of family or marital counseling
  • Identification of Individual, Joint, and/or Family Relationship Goals, Objectives and Gap Analysis then Building a Transformational Plan to Achieve
  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence Competencies to Create Positivity/Harmony in Your Life and Your Relationships
  • Preventing and/or Deflecting Conflicts
  • Building Trust and Harmony
  • Communicating Effectively with Clarity, Command, and Conviction
  • Alignment of Values and Goals

Coaching on "How to Write Your Personal Statement for

College/Grad/Med School Applications

  • Writing Your Personal Statement is an Art and a Science and It Requires 4 Specific Paragraphs Well Written in a Precise Way
  • Writing Your Personal Statement that Differentiates You From Others and Communicates Your "Fit" for the Program and School
  • Create and Communicate Your "Why" and "Why They Should Care"